Adulting is Hard . . .

. . . and freshman year of college is a sneak peek. Welcome to Tassel to Tassel!  Being a great college student isn't exactly like being a great high school student.  You may need help figuring it out and Tassel to Tassel can do that for you.  Here you will find tips and suggestions that will help you Get College Ready!  Being a college ready student means that you are prepared for the level of time management, engaged participation, and accountability that is asked of you from the moment you step on campus.  Are you ready to be the architect of your own experience and put in the work to create the future you want?

Tassel to Tassel guides you through the first year, arming you with the strategies necessary to navigate your new environment and all that being in college entails. Take a tour of our site to learn more about how we can help you get college ready.

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