Our Approach

At Tassel to Tassel, we believe your college transcript isn't a reflection of your intellect so much as it's a reflection of the decisions you make.  Our goal is to help you graduate on time, with a competitive GPA, and to maximize your college experience - all by making good decisions.  This happens through developing self-awareness, engaging in the educational process, and learning how to successfully navigate the college landscape.

Tassel to Tassel's webinars, blog posts, and podcasts encourage you to make small changes that can have a big impact on your first year.  We are also here to support you throughout the academic year with regular check-ins and effective best practices for college success.

Our Story

Tassel to Tassel started in 2012 as a workshop series to help high school graduates begin to think about what works in college and how it may or may not be different from what worked in high school.  Workshops at the public library evolved into a suite of services that provide guidance as students learn to navigate their new educational space.

Meet the Transition Strategist

I'm Dedra Eatmon (Dr. Dee), founder of Tassel to Tassel and college transition strategist.  I want every student who enters college to learn how to actively engage in the process, learn the system, and confidently navigate their new environment.  I am passionate about empowering students.

What is a college transition strategist, you ask?  Well, I teach first-year students how to have a great first year by shedding their high school skin and growing into more engaged, accountable, and inquisitive college students.  That means introducing strategies to ease the transition.  Thus, the title college transition strategist.  Some may even consider me to be a freshman whisperer.

I am a first generation college student myself who learned a lot of lessons about college the hard way.  After hitting a few bumps in the road, I figured some things out.  Along the way,  I started teaching and now have over a decade of high school and college  experience.  Five years ago I began working with high school graduates to share strategies for navigating the sometimes tricky college environment.  I want to help you maximize your college experience by laying a strong foundation during the first year.  Stick with me and you can Get College Ready! 


Dedra Eatmon, Ph.D.

Founder & College Transition Strategist

Who is Dr. Dee?

Dedra Eatmon, Ph.D. is a former program administrator and educator focusing on secondary mathematics and secondary/post-secondary transition. As founder of Tassel to Tassel, her goal is to help students successfully make the shift from high school to college, with a focus on the first year. The topics covered in her workshops and modules are designed for students to begin adopting behaviors that suggest responsibility and academic maturity with the ultimate goal being a strong first year that lays the foundation for a maximized college experience.

Dr. Eatmon's previous positions include program administration and development, teaching, and student advising. Her other professional experiences include software development, workshop facilitation, and program evaluation. Dr. Eatmon has experience presenting, speaking, and teaching diverse populations in topics including mathematics, computer science, reasoning, and academic success.  Dr. Eatmon has a doctorate in Education (Ph.D.) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, and a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Electrical Engineering.